Statistical reasoning pathway

Statway is a set of accelerated statistical reasoning course offerings designed to teach mathematics skills essential for a growing number of occupations and needed for decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

Statway provides students with the statistics and data analysis skills needed for the 21st century. Statway courses are taught using a pedagogical approach that promotes collaborative learning and addresses social-emotional factors that affect student success. They also employ innovative curricula supported by aligned assessments and an online student platform.

Statway includes a set of 1-2 term offerings that are designed to meet a range of developmental and college-level student needs, and access is just $59 for students.

What One Student Says About Statway

"Why would colleges want to force students to take one to two years of remedial courses, when people like me are proving that we can be successful by starting right out in college statistics?"

Cesar Bernardo Torres,
Former Statway student at American River College

Supporting Students In-Person and Online

Launched this year, our online courses are modeled after our in-person Quantway and Statway courses, which benefit from 10 years of research and evidence-based instruction and pedagogy.

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The Carnegie Math Pathways courses were created and continue to be improved upon by faculty for faculty and use research-proven pedagogy to engage students in rich learning experiences. They are taught using a unique approach that promotes active, collaborative learning around real-life situations and incorporates embedded social-emotional supports that positively affect student success.

Statway was designed for non-STEM students who benefit from statistical reasoning skills in their field of study and for their career path. The Statway Pathway or Statway College with Corequisite courses provide developmental math supports throughout the curriculum and are recommended for students who place 2-3 levels below college-level math.

Statway was designed as a statistical reasoning pathway for students in non-STEM majors. Should students in this pathway need or desire to take pre-calculus courses, we have designed a set of open source Bridge materials that provide students with the algebraic reasoning skills they need to transition into college-level algebra and/or transfer to a STEM field. These, along with our full sample curriculum materials, are available on our Explorer portal, which you can sign up for here.

Additionally, a great new option for students interested in a STEM field is our College Algebra with Corequisite course.  Designed with the same emphasis on collaborative learning and real-world contexts as our Statway and Quantway courses, this course combines a one-term, college-level algebra course with a corresponding corequisite component aimed at developing students’ algebraic reasoning skills in support of the college-level learning outcomes. The materials are currently available for those who wish to pilot this course. For more information, contact us at

Yes. The Carnegie Math Pathways program offers a unique approach to learning mathematics and engages math faculty in new ways of teaching. To help them successfully launch their courses, we require faculty to participate in one of our multiple training opportunities so they become familiar with our distinct pedagogy, platform, and faculty resources.

To support faculty and their busy schedules, we offer a wide variety of training ranging from individual, self-paced courses to in-person trainings led by experienced Carnegie Math Pathways Faculty Mentors. Our newest offering is a self-paced, online faculty certification course designed to give faculty the information and support they need to prepare to teach our new fully online courses this fall. More information about our faculty certification is available on our Explorer portal. Click on the Get Started button to start exploring further.