• What place does social justice teaching and learning have in a math class? 
  • How can I promote productive and respectful exploration of social justice topics and concepts with my students?
  • How can I help my students see the connection between the math we’re learning and its application in society?

These are some of the key questions addressed in Carnegie Math Pathways’ new guide, Mathematics With, About, and For Social Justice, and the accompanying designers’ webinar.

Developed by leading experts organized by Carnegie Math Pathways and with support from Strong Start to Finish, this new guide and webinar present a framework to understand how mathematics and social justice are intertwined as well as strategies and resources to help you create productive and impactful social justice-focused math learning experiences. 

Gain tools and tips to:

  • create an equitable classroom culture that values different perspectives, supports student agency and belonging, and enhances the critical thinking of each and every student;
  • manage and focus challenging conversations on the instructional goals; and
  • help students see mathematics as a tool to address real-world issues.

We’d like to thank our expert panel for their work to develop these resources:

  • Shandy Hauk, Associate Professor of Mathematics at San Francisco State University and Senior Researcher at WestEd
  • Lily Khadjavi, Chair and Professor of Mathematics, Loyola Marymount University
  • David T. Kung, Director, Policy at the Dana Center
  • Victor Piercey, Professor of Mathematics and the Director of General Education at Ferris State University
  • John Staley, Coordinator, Baltimore City Public Schools

We encourage you to explore the guide and check out the webinar recording for a walk through of the elements of the guide.