Our shared aspiration is clear: To transform student learning in mathematics and dramatically increase completion. Together, we are making an impact in our collective mission to provide students a clear pathway to college and career success.

Still, we cannot consider it complete until we can offer these opportunities and outcomes to ALL students. Carnegie Math Pathways and our network partners have come far in the way of breaking down the biggest barrier to college completion. Now, we’re on to the next: affordability.

That’s why, starting this fall, Carnegie Math Pathways is making Quantway and Statway materials available at a low cost to students across the network.

Members of the Carnegie Math Pathways network will now have customized institutional pricing options that maximize affordability for all Statway and Quantway students, further shifting the burden of cost away from students. This new fee structure will significantly increase student access to the research-based curriculum and digital support.

What does this look like?

  • Electronic access to the Statway and Quantway workbook and the online student learning platform will start at just $35 per year.
  • Statway and Quantway Fundamentals and Bridge course materials are available at no cost to students.
  • To help further minimize costs, schools will also have flexibility in how they choose to order, print and distribute student workbooks.

And starting this fall, Carnegie Math Pathways will also offer Statway and Quantway as co-requisite courses, one-term combination courses designed to provide flexible resources for remediation. Keep an eye out for additional enhanced online course offerings launching in 2019!

As the leader in the national movement for remediation reform, we’re thrilled to be the first to provide an evidence-based, affordable pathways curriculum. For more information about the Carnegie Math Pathways network, please contact [email protected].

We look forward to connecting and sharing in our mission to transform learning experiences for all.


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Karon Klipple
Executive Director
Carnegie Math Pathways