Fire Circles on Undergraduate Mathematics Education Research with Indigenous Communities

We invite educators who serve Native students and communities to join us for an engaging scholarly working group focused on undergraduate mathematics education with Indigenous communities.  Together we will explore how institutions and structures historically and currently operate at the national, state, and local levels to create and perpetuate injustice and inequality for Indigenous communities in the United States. We will then engage in studying how our research commitments and practices can disrupt those injustices and inequalities.

The working group session will be broken into three segments:

  1. In the first segment, attendees will learn about our collaboration leading to the Fire Circles, a community-led process for learning about mathematics teaching and learning that centers Indigenous communities and affirms four commitments, Relationality, Responsibility, Respect, and Reciprocity (Brayboy & Deyhle, 2000).
  2. During the second segment, we will engage in small Fire Circle discussions around themes that attendees propose as relevant. 
  3. In the last segment, we will plan ways to advance our collective work in the remainder of the year along agreed upon objectives that may include: a research commentary, a grant proposal submission to support the work, the launch of continued conversations and Fire Circles throughout the year, collaboration in empirical work, etc.  


Participation is welcome in person or virtually, and there is no fee to participate in the working group. Please see the session abstract for more details.

To participate sign up here.