Which Model is Right for Students? An Exploration of the Carnegie Math Pathways Offerings and What We’ve Learned From Their Implementation

Math pathways offer institutions a variety of implementation options, which can be used to support different areas of study and the diverse needs of students. Yet, with the proliferation of options, it may be more difficult to know what kinds of math pathways models work best and under what circumstances, to support student success.

Since 2010, the Carnegie Math Pathways has expanded beyond our traditional Quantway and Statway year-long pathway to also offer a suite of 1- and 2-term course options that include accelerated implementation and corequisite models. Applying design principles of active pedagogy, relevant curriculum, and social-emotional supports that have contributed to the success of our original course models to these new offerings, we’re continuing to see impressive success rates. And we’re also learning valuable lessons along the way.

Join us for an overview of each of the offerings available and what we’ve learned about what works from different implementations to help you consider which offerings may best serve your students.