Championing Practices for Scaling Implementation of Developmental Math Reform

Mathematics pathways have proven to be promising approaches to addressing the challenge of math serving as a barrier for postsecondary students. Despite evidence of their effectiveness, these efforts are still facing challenges as it pertains to their spread and scale. Our paper seeks to examine the work of actors in two- and four-year colleges who champion math pathways in their institutions. We examine championing practices to understand how actors advocate for the scaling of math pathways at their college and whether or not these practices are successful. Our findings surface four championing practices that these actors engage in, and reveal how these champions draw on their institutions’ structure, policies, processes, and practices to resource efforts to scale math pathways.


Angela Knotts, Mathematics Research Associate, WestEd

Carlos Sandoval, Improvement Specialist, WestEd

Bethany Sansing-Helton, Mathematics Professor, Madison College

Session location:

Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, Floor: Level 2, Missouri