Reconnect and re-energize with your colleagues at peer colleges during the TCU-Carnegie Math Pathways Virtual Convening!

This event marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of our TCU-Carnegie Math Pathways network in Minneapolis in the fall of 2017. The tradition continues at this year’s event with opportunities to:

  • Reunite with our community of colleagues across campuses
  • Learn about developments and best practices from across our network
  • Participate in an interactive open keynote for the Carnegie Math Pathways Network with Joe Feldman, educator and author of Grading for Equity (this session is open to non-math TCU faculty. Please encourage your colleagues in other disciplines to register for this free session.)

Who should participate? We welcome math faculty, administrators, and student support staff at Tribal Colleges and Universities to join us.

Participation is free and flexible—come and go as your schedule allows.

Featured Speaker: Joe Feldman

Grading for Equity
Friday, November 12
10-11:45 a.m. Pacific | 12-1:45 Central | 1-2:45 Eastern

Facilitated by educator and author, Joe Feldman, this interactive session will walk you through a brief history of traditional grading, how the continued use of those practices weaken teaching and learning and undermine equity, and will offer linkages between improved grading and equity. The session will present a theory and framework for equitable grading, provide examples, and offer strategies to apply in your own classrooms.

Joe Feldman is the author of Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms.

Attendees of this session are eligible for a discounted price on the book, Grading For Equity. Because this topic is of value to all educators, we encourage you to invite your non-math department colleagues to participate.