About the Webinar

Carnegie Math Pathways reimagines math teaching and learning with a holistic approach that is helping thousands of high school and college students annually achieve success in mathematics. Our suite of corequisite, stretch, and college course solutions support the whole student and can be offered in any modality. And along every step of teaching with these solutions, we provide educators with instructional and technical support to enhance your practice and ensure your success in helping students reach their full potential.

This will be an opportunity to engage with Pathways educators and learn more about our:

Active instructional model, which facilitates collaborative, student-centered learning;
Embedded social-emotional supports that nurture productive mindsets and sense of belonging;
Relevant and contextualized curricula, which connect statistical and quantitative reasoning to real-life situations; and
Flexible platform, which can be used in-person, online, or a hybrid model of the two.

Our team will be joined by Pathways implementers, Stephanie Delaney, Vice President of Instruction at Renton Technical College, and, Aaron Altose, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Cuyahoga Community College, to answer your questions.

Webinar Outline

Speaker Introductions

Results Data
Results for Quantway and Statway course solutions, including fully online versions, and across demographics

About Carnegie Math Pathways Corequisites

Discussion of the Pathways approach, including relevant curricula, research-based pedagogy, and social-emotional supports

Faculty Supports
Resources and one-on-one support available to Pathways faculty