Are you attending the 2019 NISOD International Conference? Join us at one of our below sessions while you’re there!

A Deep Dive Into Productive Persistence: Supporting Students’ Academic Mindsets and Skills for Success

Students believing that they are capable of learning, that they belong, and their use of effective strategies are all key to their academic success. During this workshop, participants learn about support efforts that increase students’ productive persistence and can be integrated into courses through “starting-strong” and “staying-strong” activities. Participants reflect on common classroom experiences using a shared framework and adapt practical routines that promote and sustain academic mindsets in their classrooms. Gain hands-on experience with evidence-based interventions designed to create and maintain a classroom culture that supports students’ productive persistence.

Date and Location
1:00 p.m., May 25, 2019
Austin Hilton, Room 414

Dan Ray, Carnegie Math Pathways
Michelle Brock, American River College

Designing Flexible Math Pathways Options to Support all Students: Lessons from the Carnegie Math Pathways

Policy changes are placing new demands on college mathematics departments. Learn how some faculty are meeting the demands by collaboratively developing co-requisite, online and accelerated versions of Carnegie’s Statway and Quantway pathways. Review the CMP design model, examine new pilot results and lessons learned, and leave with course redesign strategies.

Date and Location
8:45 a.m., May 26, 2019
Austin Hilton, Room 402

Mark Wojciechowski, Carnegie Math Pathways
Yolanda Manzano, Richland College