Instructors are perhaps the strongest touchpoint to students on a college campus. As educators, our instruction and the environment we create can help students feel welcome and see the value of what they’re learning. So how can we ensure that the learning experiences we’re working so hard to create in the classroom benefit every student, particularly in mathematics?

This fall, Carnegie Math Pathways is launching a new webinar series focused on exploring different components of quality instruction and deepening our understanding of how to practice them. We’ll cover timely topics and issues that impact instruction in the math classroom, including addressing inclusion and belonging, thinking critically about assessments, teaching in the context of Covid-19, and more. Each webinar will provide perspective, strategies, and tools to expand our thinking and enhance our ability to best serve all our students.

Our series kicks off on September 29th with a discussion of inclusive and equitable teaching practices. Together with researchers and educators, we’ll examine evidence-based practices that bring together curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development to promote the success of every learner. Join us!

Inclusive and Equitable Instructional Design: A Foundation for Student Success
Wednesday, September 29, 2021
12-1 PT / 3-4 ET
Cost: Free

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