Over the last two and a half weeks we have watched the necessary and important actions taking place across the country in response to the recent cruel deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others before them.

We believe that educated citizens are key to a just and equitable society. Yet we are keenly aware of the historic and ongoing educational inequities faced by students of color in our schools, colleges, and universities, and even how our own positions of privilege may play a role in perpetuating this.

We stand against racism, bigotry, and senseless violence against the Black community, and are fiercely committed to doing our part to build a more just and equitable education system that honors and elevates the experiences and intelligence of Black students and all students marginalized by the status quo.

We see math as a tool for empowerment and transformation. In partnership with our network, we have developed and continually improve upon a pedagogy and curricula that value each student’s contributions to the learning process, making each student feel that they belong inside our classes and schools, and having students see themselves and their communities reflected in what they learn.

We are indebted to you, the many educators, who everyday bring these opportunities to life for students in your classrooms. Your experiences with your students, your knowledge of your communities, and your willingness to critically examine, test, and enhance our tools and approaches are what enables our network to improve.

We are a network based on continuous improvement. We will continue to learn, listen, and improve side by side with each of you to better serve our current and future generations of students.