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Carnegie Math Pathways Blog

Better Use of System Log Data: Shared Learnings from the Forum and New Priorities

  • Posted by Andrew Krumm
  • On September 1, 2016
Carnegie and SRI International—a non-profit research institute based in Menlo Park, CA—are collaborating to learn from data that students generate as they use one of the Pathways online learning systems. For background purposes, as students log into a course’s website, whether a Quantway or Statway course, certain pieces of information are collected and stored by […]
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2016 Carnegie Math Pathways Leadership Award Recipients

  • Posted by Marley Arechiga
  • On August 25, 2016
Each year, the Carnegie Math Pathways honors a small group of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and have made significant strides in advancing the work of the Pathways. This year the Pathways recognized Kristopher Baker, Andre Freeman, Thales Georgiou, and John Kellermeier with a Leadership Award for their outstanding contributions. Kristopher Baker, Executive Director […]
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Systematically Thinking about Scale

  • Posted by Angel Bohannon
  • On August 24, 2016
The Carnegie Math Pathways programs (Statway, Quantway, and the Bridge Courseware) have dramatically increased developmental math success rates by engaging students in relevant mathematics that they can use in their daily lives. Despite this progress, the 13,821 students that the Pathways has served pales in comparison to the half of million students across the nation […]
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Students Experience Transformation in the Carnegie Math Pathways

  • Posted by Marley Arechiga
  • On August 5, 2016
Math classrooms are rarely remembered as places where students build community with classmates, think about real world questions, or, for many former math students, gain the confidence to excel at or enjoy doing math. Yet at a panel presentation at the 2016 Pathways National Forum, attendees learned directly from students about how the Carnegie Math […]
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