Updated Pathways Curriculum for 2019-20

  • Posted by Scott Strother
  • On August 5, 2019

Curriculum for the 2019-20 academic year have been updated. Materials can now easily be accessed right when you log in at carnegiemathpathways.org. The link in the new sidebar will take you to our Curriculum Materials page. 

These materials include the following  updates: 

  • Statway College has been revamped and a new version (3.2) has been released.
  • Statway Corequisite has been revamped and a new version (3.2) has been released. 
  • Corequisite books are now printed by XanEdu and bundled together with the respective College book.

Accordingly, there are new ISBNs for:

  • Quantway College with Corequisite
  • Statway College
  • Statway College with Corequisite

Please feel free to email Scott Strother or Help Desk with any questions.