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Carnegie Math Pathways Transition Announcement

  • Posted by Karon Klipple
  • On October 23, 2017

Since our launch in 2009, Carnegie Math Pathways has helped to unlock a remarkable transformation in schools’ approach to mathematics education. We’ve expanded opportunities for more than 30,000 students across the country, and opened the door for more than 70 institutions to give their students the best chance of success. Every student enrolled in Statway or Quantway has been able to accomplish more than they ever thought possible, a mark of success beyond our wildest imaginations.

All along, we’ve known that achieving the success we envisioned would require us to let the program grow beyond the Carnegie Foundation. That’s why two years ago, we assembled a team of leaders and advisors to explore the possibility of moving to a larger organization well positioned to help us expand, and reach our goal of transforming the lives of 100,000s of students across the country.

We’re delighted to announce that Carnegie Math Pathways is transitioning from the Carnegie Foundation to WestEd, a national nonprofit education research and services organization headquartered in San Francisco. WestEd has an excellent reputation as a research and services organization, and will provide an outstanding level of support to colleges that offer Statway and Quantway. We all agree: WestEd is the place for us to further our spread and scale with the support of their infrastructure, resources, and experience to help our institutions thrive.

What might this mean for our network members?

We don’t anticipate any changes to the work that is underway, or planned, at any of our colleges.

  • Our name stays the same, Carnegie Math Pathways.
  • Our staff stays the same — all of our network members will continue to work with the same people
  • Our mission, goals, and aspirations to reach as many students as possible stays the same.

The Carnegie Foundation will hold a permanent position on our advisory board, as we wish to maintain strong ties to our former home. The Carnegie Math Pathways team is thrilled for this transition, knowing that this is the right move at the right time to support institutions and students.

For more information or if you have questions about the transition, please contact


Karon Klipple

Karon Klipple
Executive Director, Carnegie Math Pathways