Goal: Preparation for Statway

The goal of Fundamentals is to bolster students’ proficiency with the prerequisite mathematical skills and understanding, such as basic arithmetic, needed for success in Statway.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes cover fundamental mathematics and pre-algebra and statistics, which students need to succeed in the Pathways, and include major topics from arithmetic, algebra, and numeracy.


This offering consists of an online pool of lessons and practice problems from which faculty can construct their own course (stand-alone or corequisite), depending on their desired learning objectives and student needs.


This offering is designed to be flexible. For example, it could be administered as:

  1. a stand-alone, prerequisite course to Statway, with 1-3 contact hours, or
  2. a corequisite taught in conjunction with the first term of Statway, with 1-3 contact hours.