Quantway College with Corequisite

Goal: College-Level Credit and Supports

The goal of the Quantway College with Corequisite offering is to provide a one-term, college-level quantitative reasoning course for all students, with targeted supports built using the Carnegie Math Pathways design principles to provide effective scaffolding for students who need additional support. This offering consists of Quantway College, which is a one-term, college-level quantitative reasoning course, and a corresponding corequisite component. The corequisite component develops students’ quantitative reasoning and algebraic thinking and reasoning skills. This offering addresses all the learning outcomes of Quantway Core and Quantway College, and employs Quantway pedagogical strategies, including Productive Persistence, in both components.

Learning Outcomes

The course covers all major topics typically contained in a college-level quantitative reasoning course. It consists of three modules:

  1. Numeracy, which includes topics such as percentages, ratios, estimation, magnitude, interest and loans, rates, probability, proportional reasoning, relative growth, and conditional probability.
  2. Modeling, which includes topics such as variables, equations, graphs, tables, linear models, piecewise models, exponential models, log operations, and multivariate models.
  3. Statistics, which includes topics such as data visualization and interpretation, statistical analysis process, experimental designs and conclusions, parameters, interval estimates, distributions, statistical inference including Z-scores and P-values.

The corequisite materials address learning outcomes and skills typically seen in a developmental math sequence, such as algebraic reasoning and thinking.


This offering employs the Quantway College workbook and online homework platform in the college-level component. Additionally, there is a Quantway Corequisite workbook and corresponding online homework platform, which both include material for Quantway College. Faculty can choose to teach some or all of the corequisite lessons, depending on the needs of their student population or program. The corequisite resources address topics in quantitative reasoning and algebraic reasoning and thinking that relate to the ensuing or prior lesson. These materials also include preparatory lesson materials and review/practice problems.


The college-level component is designed as a 3 or 4 transfer-level credit course. The corequisite materials are designed to flexibly support a 1, 2, or 3 contact hour corequisite course depending on what is appropriate for student and program needs.