Quantway Core

Goal: Replaces Developmental Math Sequence

The goal of the Quantway Core (stand-alone) offering is to provide a one-term quantitative reasoning course that fulfills students’ developmental mathematics requirements by integrating algebraic and quantitative skills and reasoning.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are grounded in quantitative literacy, numeracy skills, proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning, mathematical modeling, and statistical thinking. These skills and areas of reasoning are promoted, integrated, revisited, and explicitly connected throughout four modules (total of 35 lessons).


This offering uses a Quantway Core textbook and an online homework platform that includes lesson homework and module assessments.


This offering is designed as a 3-credit course, but can be taught as a 4-credit course.


A Contextualized version of Quantway Core is available. The contextualized version includes 12 specialized lessons designed to meet the needs of specific workforce programs: Applied Health Care, Environmental Technologies, and Information Technology.