Quantway College

Goal: College-Level Credit

The goal of the Quantway College (stand-alone) offering is to provide a one-term, college-level quantitative reasoning course.

Learning Outcomes

The course covers all major topics typically contained in a college-level quantitative reasoning course. It consists of three modules (total of 26 lessons):

  1. Numeracy, which includes topics such as percentages, ratios, estimation, magnitude, interest and loans, rates, probability, proportional reasoning, relative growth, and conditional probability.
  2. Modeling, which includes topics such as variables, equations, graphs, tables, linear models, piecewise models, exponential models, log operations, and multivariate models.
  3. Statistics, which includes topics such as data visualization and interpretation, statistical analysis process, experimental designs and conclusions, parameters, interval estimates, distributions, statistical inference including Z-scores and P-values.


This offering uses a Quantway College textbook and an online homework platform.


This offering is designed as a 3-credit course, but can be taught as a 4-credit course.