Pathways Collaborative Webinar: An Introduction to Carnegie Math Pathways Fully Online Courses

  • Posted by Carnegie Math Pathways
  • On July 22, 2020

This session was originally presented in a webinar series coordinated by the Pathways Collaborative.

This year’s drastic changes to the education landscape have made thoughtful and effective online learning more important than ever. Beginning two years ago, the Carnegie Math Pathways along with faculty from across our network, set out to design a better online math learning experience. This short webinar walks viewers through the key features and design elements of the new Quantway and Statway Virtual courses, highlighting in particular how these courses make human connection, as well as student engagement and persistence central to the online learning experience.

About the Presenter:

Mark Brodsky is Partnership Director for the Carnegie Math Pathways. He supports educators and institutions considering Pathways adoption and their onboarding. Mark has been working with colleges and universities for nearly 30 years, helping institutions evolve by integrating innovative educational technology and courseware solutions into their academic programs, operations, and technology infrastructure.