On a path to college completion!

Statway students graduate, transfer, and earn 4-year degrees at significantly higher rates than their matched peers. Read more in our new post-Pathways study.

Special Topics

Review reports featuring analysis on specific Pathways implementation elements and variations of implementation.


This report explores the evolution of Statway into a single-semester course, including the reasons for the shift, impacts, and implementation challenges.


Are Statway outcomes sustained even as enrollment increases, and how do these outcomes hold across different student subgroups? This analysis found continued high levels of student success for all sex and race/ethnicity groups even as enrollment quadrupled over five years.

Do the effects of Quantway last into the next year? This analysis found positive effects for students of all sex and race/ethnicity groups and across different colleges.


This paper outlines the development of practical measures of Productive Persistence using digital learning system data to support instructional improvement.


This report demonstrates that Pathways students are not just completing college-level mathematics faster, but they are doing so while mastering the embedded conceptual knowledge at an equal or higher level as compared to other college students who have taken college-level mathematics or statistics courses.


Productive Persistence is the package of skills and tenacity that students need to succeed in an academic setting. These interventions and others, as well as the story of how the Carnegie Math Pathways developed to address the alarming failure rates of students in developmental mathematics are covered this report.