On a path to college completion!

Statway students graduate, transfer, and earn 4-year degrees at significantly higher rates than their matched peers. Read more in our new post-Pathways study.

Impact Studies

Read about the most recent and previous annual national Carnegie Math Pathways results.


This impact study highlights student outcomes in 2016-17 and areas for improvement based on data.


This impact report features student outcomes in 2015-16 and reflects on our impact over the last five years as Quantway and Statway have grown to scale.


Statistics on 2014-2015 student outcomes, as well as insights into areas for improvement based on data from the fourth year of implementation.

This matched comparsion efficacy study of Quantway Core implementation between spring 2012 and fall 2014 shows strong evidence that Quantway Core increases student success in fulfilling developmental math requirements and advances equity in student outcomes.

This matched comparison study on the effectiveness of Statway in the first two years of implementation provides evidence of an increasing number of student attaining of college math credit in single year and persisting in year ahead.