Experience New Online Quantway and Statway

Our virtual courses take a novel approach to online learning. Not only do we embed social-emotional supports and engage students with real-world math, but we've made student collaboration integral to student success in the online space.

Course Offerings and Learning Outcomes

Our online courses are modeled after our in-person Quantway and Statway classes which benefit from 10 years of research and evidence-based instruction and pedagogy. All courses are designed to develop the mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills that are essential in a growing number of occupations, and that support everyday decision-making.

Designed by faculty for faculty, these courses seamlessly integrate videoconferencing with an easy-to-use adaptive learning environment for small group collaboration. Embedded social-emotional supports throughout our courses give faculty real-time analytics on student behavioral and engagement data to help inform teaching. All courses are mobile-friendly and ADA compliant.

Students fulfill their developmental math requirements in this one-term quantitative reasoning course that integrates algebraic and quantitative skills and reasoning. This is typically implemented as a 3 or 4 credit course.

Students complete a college-level quantitative reasoning course in one term. Designed as a 3 transfer-level credit course, but can be taught as a 4-credit course.

Students develop algebraic and quantitative reasoning while covering the learning outcomes of Quantway Core and Quantway College. Designed as a 3 transfer-level credit course and can be delivered with a 1, 2, or 3 credit corequisite component. Materials are flexible and fit various implementation models.

Students complete a college-level statistics course that addresses all recommended college-level learning outcomes in one term. Designed to be implemented as a 3 transfer-level credit course.

Students complete Statway College with a corequisitecomponent in one-term. Designed as a 3 transferlevel credit course and can be delivered with a 1, 2, or 3 credit corequisite component. Materials are flexible and fit various implementation models.

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Beginning early July, we are offering online faculty certification to teach our virtual Quantway and Statway course offerings this fall.
In light of the current situation, we are currently offering our virtual certification courses free of charge.

Student access will be only $59 per student.

What Students and Faculty are Saying

"I went completely online with my major and did not feel that I had any connection with the other peers once the class was over. With Quantway College Virtual, I was able to establish an actual relationship with peers and actually felt that I was in a class with others."

Stephanie Paszkiewicz,
Former Quantway College Virtual student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“I think in an online environment, it's so easy for students to hide. They don't feel like the accountability is there oftentimes in an online course because there's not someone who's depending on them. But in this virtual course, because of the collaboration sessions, they do actually have people depending on them.”

Kelly Kohlmetz,
Math Pathways Literacy Coordinator and Senior Lecturer, Quantway College Virtual, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


The virtual course curriculum is based on our original in-person courses and key design principles but was adapted for the virtual space. One looking at the virtual content and the textbook simultaneously will notice similarities in structure, but question task, type, and flow were all adjusted during the build. However, the curriculum (topics and scope) and learning outcomes are consistent between the two.

The courses have been developed to provide educators with much needed flexibility. We leave it up to the institution on how they decide to use our courseware, but have seen several of our institutions looking to create hybrid versions of our courses. A common hybrid course format uses the online platform for individual pre- and post-class assignments and utilizes the collaboration sessions as in-class work. More information about how these courses can be used in-person is available in our certification course.

The Carnegie Math Pathways courses were created and continue to be improved upon by faculty for faculty and use research-proven pedagogy to engage students in rich learning experiences. They are taught using a unique approach that promotes active, collaborative learning around real-life situations and incorporates embedded social-emotional supports that positively affect student success.

Yes. The Carnegie Math Pathways program offers a unique approach to learning mathematics and engages math faculty in new ways of teaching and facilitating learning. For this reason, we require that faculty attend one of our multiple opportunities for training so they become familiar with our distinct pedagogy and gain the resources they need to successfully start their classes.