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Fostering Learning and Community at the 2018 SUNY Math Pathways Spring Forum

  • Posted by cotech
  • On July 6, 2018

The State University of New York (SUNY), the largest system-wide Math Pathways network in the country, held its most well-attended Math Pathways event to date—the 2018 SUNY Math Pathways Spring Forum—on June 8-10, at the Courtyard Marriott in Saratoga Springs, New York. Almost 200 people attended the event, including nearly 100 new faculty, over 40 returning faculty, and 15 administrators and advisors from 26 of SUNY’s 28 Math Pathways campuses. They were joined by a number of guests from other systems and institutions, including Strong Start to Finish, Jobs for the Future, and faculty and administrators from Tallahassee Community College and the City University of New York.

Carnegie Faculty Mentors facilitated the Preparing to Teach sessions with the support of CMP staff and together led the new faculty training on the innovative Carnegie Math Pathways pedagogy, curriculum, and productive persistence approaches.

Returning faculty shared strategies and exchanged ideas and information in their peer-facilitated enrichment sessions while administrators and advisors discussed and unpacked implementation and scaling strategies in sessions led by SUNY liaisons from Rockland Community College and Suffolk Community College alongside CMP staff and Administrative Coaches. The administrators and advisors also had the opportunity to engage in conversations with Johanna Duncan-Poitier, senior vice chancellor for community colleges and the education pipeline, as well as other CMP and SUNY senior leadership.

During a poster session, seven colleges each had the opportunity to tell the story of their journey implementing Carnegie Math Pathways, and responded to attendees’ questions and comments on sticky notes throughout the weekend.

The Forum also featured engaging presentations on mindset and productive persistence from Rachel Beattie, Director of Productive Persistence, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and David Yeager, Associate Professor of Psychology, the University of Texas at Austin, who gave the keynote address. On the final day of the event, SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson addressed the attendees via video conference, congratulating them and expressing her gratitude for their commitment to the important work they are doing on behalf of their students.

Thank you to the SUNY team as well as the faculty and administrators involved for their thoughtful planning and implementation of such an engaging event.

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