2018 National Math Summit

AMATYC and NADE invite you to attend this exciting preconference event! This is an update on the National Mathematics Summit preconference sponsored by:

  • American Mathematical Association of Two-Year (AMATYC),
  • National Association for Developmental Education (NADE),
  • National Center for Developmental Education (NCDE),
  • Carnegie Math Pathways,
  • Dana Center,
  • Mathematics Association of America (MAA), and
  • Paul Nolting.

Mathematics reform in the first two years of mathematics courses are issues many of us deal with on a daily basis. Often, faculty and chairs are being given a mandate administrators or legislators about how these critical classes are to be taught. Some mandates have been implemented resulting in lower pass rates needing faculty to adjust their design to improve success. Other colleges have improved their pass rates. All colleges need to assess the results of their courses and improve. This preconference is in response to faculty, chairs and administrators request for implementing, improving and assessing all types of math courses.

The preconference session will begin on Tuesday, November 13 at 1 p.m., with a panel discussion led by representatives of AMATYC, NADE, NCDE, Carnegie Math Pathways, Dana Center, MAA and Paul Nolting. Concurrent sessions will follow that afternoon with a reception that evening. The next day there will session all day, networking discussions lead by experts, a closing panel discussion and closing statement by Uri Treisman. A math course improvement track and an assessment of outcomes track are included. Some of the main topics specifically are about pathways, corequisites, affective/non cognitive content, learning support, active learning, placement, measurable outcome and other redesigns.

Tentative presenters include:

  • Nancy Sattler, Julie Phelps, and Paula Wilhite (AMATYC),
  • Annette Cook, Suzanne Etheridge, Mary Monroe-Ellis, Amy Tankersley, Andrew Sebok, and Labonnie Smith (NADE),
  • Uri Treisman, Connie Richardson, Lucy Michal, Alycia Marshall, and Rebecca Hartzler (Dana Center),
  • Hunter Boylan, and Barbara Illowsky (NCDE),
  • Ann Edwards and Karon Klipple (Carnegie Math Pathways),
  • Doug Ensley (MAA),
  • Rebecca Goosen (past NADE president),
  • Paul Nolting (Learning Specialist), and
  • Aditya Adiredja.

These presenters and others will provide valuable information on math success. Attendees can meet with the presenters during the opening reception.

The cost for the summit is $100.00.
Participants may register only for the Summit but are also encouraged to register for the AMATYC conference.

Dates and Location

November 13 – 14, 2018
(Held immediately prior to the AMATYC Conference)
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Orlando, FL