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The Carnegie Math Pathways is transforming how students learn and succeed in mathematics with an approach that is uniting practitioners, higher education administrators, researchers, and, increasingly, high school educators in a national network focused on collectively changing the status quo.

Over 90 institutions in 18 states are part of a network implementing Statway and Quantway, and they are achieving impressive results. Not only do Statway and Quantway students succeed at triple the rate and half the time as their peers, they go on to earn more college level credits, transfer, and graduate at significantly higher rates.

We welcome faculty, administrators, and advisors from interested institutions to join us in Southern California to learn more about:

  • Alternative pathways
  • Co-Requisite models
  • Online offerings
  • Dual enrollment partnerships
  • CA AB705 compliance and other policy changes throughout the country

This upcoming learning and community building event will include the following workshops and sessions. 


  • Designed for faculty and administrators interested in learning more about the Pathways, this workshop will offer an interactive, robust introduction to the Pathways, highlighting the student experience, key results, and new course offerings, as well as engage attendees in institutional planning activities to prepare to successfully launch math pathways on your campus.
  • Those interested in dual enrollment will have the option to participate a specific dual enrollment planning workshop on Friday.


  • We are offering this in-depth workshop open to college and high school instructors and administrators to share lessons learned and address questions on Pathways dual enrollment high school and college partnerships.
  • This session is intend to help improve implementation in this area and help new schools consider next steps to introduce a dual enrollment for their students.
  • Additional dual enrollment sessions will also be offered during the Pathways Network Professional Learning and Enrichment to build on this workshop.


  • This interactive training will be led by our faculty mentors and will prepare new Pathways faculty to teach this fall.
  • Participants will walk away with extensive resources for their first weeks of teaching as well as receive the Pathways Preparation Badge (one of four badges that make up a complete Pathways teaching credential.
  • For institutions already offering Carnegie Math Pathways, we’re organizing several in-depth learning sessions to provide more information on the new co-req and online offerings and how the align with AB705, a pedagogical refresher for experienced faculty, and institutional planning for scaling math pathways.
  • Specific dual enrollment sessions will be offered during this time for high school and college administrators.

Dates and Location

Chaffey College
June 14-16, 2018
5885 Haven Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737


Pathways Explorers: $325
Pathways Implementers: $395

“Explorer” attendees are from institutions that haven’t yet adopted the Pathways. “Implementer” attendees are from active instiutitions who’ve already adopted the Pathways (see full list here).

NOTE: The New Faculty Training now begins at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, June 15, with lunch served at noon.