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Carnegie Math Pathways at MAA MathFest 2017


Panel Description

Implementing Mathematics Pathways, Part II – Institution and Classroom Level Strategies

Numerous states and institutions are now implementing mathematics pathways in an effort to improve student outcomes and reduce time to completion. Pathways are a reform approach designed to give students course options that appropriately prepare them and are relevant to their academic and career goals. We invite you to attend this two-part series on math pathways implementation hosted by the Charles A. Dana Center and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This session, led by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, will focus on lessons learned in implementing effective institution- and classroom-level reform and share out the newest data about the effectiveness of Statway and Quantway in terms of student success in mathematics as well as college transfer and completion rates. Participants will examine key research-based design elements of effective math reform efforts and explore how Carnegie’s Statway and Quantway incorporate these design elements. Faculty and administrators from Carnegie Math Pathways network institutions will share their challenges and success of incorporating the programs on their campus.


Karon Klipple, Executive Director, Carnegie Math Pathways


Scott Strother, Lead for Curriculum and Assessment, Carnegie Math Pathways

Kelly Kohlmetz, Math Literacy Pathway Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Andre Freeman, Department Chair of Science and Math, Capital Community College