Carnegie Math Pathways Network Distance Learning Resources

We know that many of you have transitioned your in-person Statway and Quantway courses to distance learning courses. We're sharing the following resources and activities to assist you.

As the situation with coronavirus continues to unfold, we know that several institutions have transitioned their face-to-face Quantway and Statway courses to distance learning. We recognize this is a challenging time and offer the following resources to support you and your colleagues in making this transition smoother. We will keep this page updated and welcome your questions at

This fall, we’re offering two choices for selecting materials for your Statway or Quantway course.

Teaching in person?
The traditional courseware, which includes the in-person workbook and Möbius homework platform, is right for you.

Teaching online, hybrid, or think you may have to transition to online mid-term?
We strongly recommend virtual courseware. Just like the traditional courseware, the virtual courseware supports small group collaboration around rich tasks and independent learning assignments. It’s built in an intuitive and easy-to-use adaptive learning platform with integrated video conferencing to support collaboration. It’s mobile-friendly and ADA compliant.

The Statway and Quantway offerings available fully online include:

  • Quantway Core,
  • Quantway College,
  • Quantway College + Corequisite,
  • Statway College, and
  • Statway College + Corequisite.

For more information or to participate, please contact our Partnership Director, Mark Brodsky at

Experienced Quantway and Statway Virtual Faculty Mentors are here to support you should you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

George Alexander
Madison College

Kelly Kohlmetz
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Andre Freeman
Capital Community College

George Hurlburt
SUNY Corning Community College

We’ve launched an online Discourse forum specifically for the sharing of resources and ideas. This is a super easy-to-use forum for posting questions and sharing supports. It is moderated by our Online Statway/Quantway Faculty Mentors. This short video shows you how to use it. By now you should have received an email inviting you to the Carnegie Math Pathways Community. Please join! If you haven’t received an email or would like us to resend it, please email Dan Ray at

These sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with other faculty who are making the transition to distance learning and to share ideas and ask questions. (Need an introduction or refresher on how to use Zoom? Watch this short video introduction by our Instructional Support Specialist, Lewis Hosie, on using Zoom.)

Our last sharing forum was on April 17. Please stay tuned for new dates!

On the week of March 16, we hosted webinars designed to assist faculty who are transitioning their face-to-face Statway/Quantway courses to distance learning.‬ You can see a recording of our first webinar here, as well as the presentation slides.

During the webinars we shared:

  • Suggested instructional models that promote the Quantway/Statway pedagogy – including group learning – in a distance learning environment, and corresponding free technology that can be used to support these models;
  • A series of supports specifically for distance learning faculty to address issues of teaching and learning, including a new moderated discussion forum, webinar events for faculty to share learnings and best practices, and support from experienced Quantway/Statway online instructors; and
  • Information about Quantway/Statway Virtual courses that are available this summer and beyond.

Carnegie Math Pathways Events

Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), many of our upcoming events and presentations at national conferences have been canceled or postponed. We will continue to offer virtual opportunities to connect with us and will keep our events updated as the situation evolves.

Faculty Playbook on Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to Covid-19

This extensive guide to teaching and learning online provides strategies for starting your virtual course and improving over time. It gives special attention to instructors teaching remotely for the first time. You can read the guide here.

Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

While an unprecedented global pandemic is a circumstance with no well-studied research to guide us, we want to share five valuable principles for educators to consider as they get through this challenging time with their students. This resource was developed by Jennifer Folsom, the Lead Learning Architect for the Making Sense of SCIENCE project at WestEd.