Covid-19 Resources

We know that many of you are working quickly to transition your face-to-face courses to distance learning courses. We're sharing the following resources to assist you.

As the situation with coronavirus continues to unfold, we know that several institutions have transitioned their in-person courses to distance learning. We recognize that this is a challenging time and offer the following resources to support you and your colleagues in making this transition smoother, whether or not you teach Statway or Quantway. We will keep this page updated and welcome your questions and suggestions at

Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

While an unprecedented global pandemic is a circumstance with no well-studied research to guide us, we want to share five valuable principles for educators to consider as they get through this challenging time with their students. This resource was developed by Jennifer Folsom, the Lead Learning Architect for the Making Sense of SCIENCE project at WestEd.

Fully Online Statway and Quantway Courses

Just like our in-person Statway and Quantway courses, our fully online offerings promote collaborative learning with engaging, real-world curriculum. They also establish a sense of community and belonging for studnets while providing faculty with real-time student social-emotional and engagement data to inform teaching. Learn more…

Support for Network Institutions Already Teaching Statway and Quantway

From video conference calls with faculty across the country to a new online community forum, we’ve ramped up ways that educators in our network can connect and plan with each other for distance learning. Visit our Distance Learning Resources page for details.