Quantway & Statway with Corequisite

Our corequisite courses combine college-level and developmental-level course materials to give students additional support. They also adhere to the key design principles that underlie the success of the original Statway and Quantway courses.

Developed by faculty for faculty, the Quantway and Statway with Corequisite offerings are single-term courses that offer college-level content with developmental-level corequisite materials to provide students with the additional support needed to succeed. These courses have been intentionally designed to build upon the key principles that make the Carnegie Math Pathways unique and successful, including addressing appropriate learning outcomes through research-based, contextualized curricula and student discussion and discovery. They also incorporate Productive Persistence, helping students develop a growth mindset, sense of belonging, and strategies to be successful in class and college.

The course design supports multiple implementation models, giving faculty flexibility in meeting their students’ needs. And new fully online versions now make it possible to offer these courses to your students remotely.

An In-Depth Look at Our Corequisite Offerings

“I love the fact that I’m learning things I needed to relearn while also learning new material. [This course] helped me knock out a class while taking a class I needed for my degree plan. I am very grateful for this program.”

-Fall 2018 Coreq Student

For a deeper dive into Quantway and Statway with Corequisite, watch our webinar with course designers and instructors or read a review of our first year of implementation:

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These offerings include a stand-alone college-level course with a corresponding corequisite course for both statistics and quantitative reasoning. Students could take only the college-level course. In fact, in non-cohort designs, a college-level class could be populated with some students who are in the corequisite course additionally and some that are not. The institutions on the call, however, all used cohort models where only students needing developmental support enrolled.

Many students enter math courses believing that they are not a “math person” or that they don’t belong in the classroom at all. Social-emotional practices and tools are embedded in Quantway and Statway instruction that develop students’ belief that they are capable of doing and even enjoying math. Known collectively as Productive Persistence, these practices and tools focus on helping students develop a growth mindset toward learning, build strong learning strategies, and nurture community and belonging in the classroom.

There are also self-regulated learning questions embedded in the at-home portions of the lessons, which are available for the instructor’s information and not counted towards the homework grade.