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Benefits of Joining

The Pathways is a professional community made up of the faculty and administrators at institutions offering Quantway and Statway. Coordinated and launched by technical experts at the Carnegie Foundation, this community collaborates to lead the direction of Quantway and Statway and support each other in the classroom and at the institutional level.

Transform students’ experience in the classroom.

“Statway has changed my life. I’m now a leader in class and I am confident for the first time in my life that I can learn math.”

Rikki Vick,
Carnegie Math Pathways Student

Student-Centered Approach

An instructional approach that is collaborative, encourages group problem-solving, and helps students build connections across math concepts and to real world applications.

Relevant Content

Access to relevant mathematics curricula that are challenging and meaningful to students’ lives and academic paths.

Student Supports

Student supports built into the curriculum and instruction to develop growth mindsets, strengthen belonging, and encourage strong study habits.

Classroom Analytics

Classroom data analytics to inform instruction and enable faculty to offer timely and targeted support to students.

Capacity-building and leadership opportunities for faculty.

“One thing I feel about teaching is that so much of it is done in isolation. Being part of this network has been wonderful – just interacting with other teachers both in my own college and across the country that are working on this project.”

Kristin Egan,
Professor of Mathematics, Cuyahoga Community College

Preparation Workshops

Participate in the Pathways new faculty preparation workshop at the annual summer national Forum to help new faculty successfully launch Quantway and/or Statway in their classrooms.

Faculty Mentorship

Receive personalized faculty mentorship by experienced Quantway and Statway instructors to support new faculty with instruction.

Online Platform

Connect to the CarnegieHub online platform to engage with members of the network and access an array of resources including a library of teaching videos, richly annotated instructor notes, and an assessment bank.

Classroom Analytics

Receive classroom data analytics to support instruction and enable faculty to offer timely and targeted support to students.

Carnegie Math Pathways Certification

Earn Carnegie credentialing for completing online professional development courses.

Improve Curriculum Resources

Join faculty teams supporting the ongoing improvement and development of curriculum, assessment, and instructional resources.

Leverage the network to bring broad scale instructional change to your campus.

Because we can accomplish more together than even the best of us can accomplish alone.

Lead Change

Join a network of innovative institutions across the country leading change in mathematics outcomes and college completion.

National Engagement

Participate with your campus team in the annual Pathways National Forum to showcase innovation across the national network.

Share Learnings

Learn with others and share your institution’s experience via quarterly faculty and administrator check-in calls.

Administrative Coach

Paired with an Administrative coach, you will receive personalized coaching by experienced Carnegie Math Pathway College and University Administrators.

Institution Analytics

Through the online platform, access your institutions CMP course performance and relevant analytics.

Build Regional Capacity

Further strengthen your institution’s local capacity by participating in and hosting regional workshops.

Network Contributions

Contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of evidence-based resources to support student learning and success.

Get Started

Implementation Guide

Get a high-level overview of what planning for Pathways implementation launch entails and what is recommended for implementation at your institution.

How to Join

For more information on Statway and Quantway, and to learn next steps for joining, please contact Lisa Savcak at