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2016 Carnegie Math Pathways Leadership Award Recipients

  • Posted by Marley Arechiga
  • On August 25, 2016

Each year, the Carnegie Math Pathways honors a small group of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and have made significant strides in advancing the work of the Pathways. This year the Pathways recognized Kristopher Baker, Andre Freeman, Thales Georgiou, and John Kellermeier with a Leadership Award for their outstanding contributions.

Kristopher Baker, Executive Director at the Technology Innovation Center and Associate Professor of Biology at SUNY Rockland Community College, is a staunch advocate for the Pathways at the classroom and system levels. He began supporting Quantway on his campus five years ago, managing all of the administrative aspects of the program. A biologist by training, Baker decided he could be a stronger advocate for Quantway after teaching it himself, which he did for the first time last semester. As Statway and Quantway expand within SUNY, Baker is playing a critical role as an innovative instructional and administrative leader.

Andre Freeman, Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Science & Mathematics Department at Capital Community College, has been actively involved in the development of both Statway and Quantway since their launch in 2010. Freeman was part of a design team which developed the first version of Statway curriculum materials. Subsequently, he participated in a group that strengthened the integration of the online platform and paper materials. Today Freeman is part of the Framework for Improving Teaching team, which works to redesign Pathways lessons to more effectively support productive struggle. He speaks passionately at regional and national conferences about the impact the Pathways has had on him professionally and on his students. Freeman is a thoughtful contributor to the ongoing success of the program, and in particular to the establishment of self-governance within the Pathways Networked Improvement Community.

Thales Georgiou, Instructional Dean at Richland College, has worked tirelessly in his school and in his district to create the institutional structures that allow the Pathways to thrive. He has created an effective model for engaging advisors and recruiting students, garnering strong internal support for scaling Statway through careful analysis of student performance at Richland. As a result of these efforts, 41% of Richland’s developmental math students are now enrolled in Statway. Georgiou is currently helping new schools navigate some of the administrative aspects of offering the Pathways.

John Kellermeier, a recently retired faculty member and Statway instructor at Tacoma Community College, joined the Pathways Networked Improvement Community during its launch in 2010. In his own classroom Kellermeier masterfully integrated mathematics and social belonging, and within his institution, spurred innovations in student outreach and recruitment. He has presented at the National Forum multiple times on the effects of white privilege and racism in the classroom, and strived to make education equitable through teaching Statway for the Men of Distinction program at Tacoma Community College. Though retired from Tacoma Community College, Kellermeier continues to advance student success through the Pathways Networked Improvement Community.

The Carnegie Math Pathways is honored to work with these individuals and is indebted to them for the contributions they have made to, and the strong leadership they have demonstrated within the Pathways Networked Improvement Community.